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Phoenix Fire Department Regional Dispatch Center

Touring the Phoenix Fire Department Regional Dispatch Center

What Makes the Phoenix Fire Department Regional Dispatch Center Unique? I knew going into the tour that the dispatch center was unique, but I was blown away by all of the programs that are in place. For example, the Computer Aided Dispatch system is designed to provide Automatic Aid to anyone in need. The CAD…

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How Non Profit Organizations Can Benefit From Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, is rapidly becoming almost as big a shopping day as Black Friday. What not everyone realizes, however, is that this can be an extremely lucrative day for non-profit organizations as well as businesses. Furthermore, the first Tuesday in December has been given the title GivingTuesday. On this day, people…

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How a CDN Makes Your WordPress Blog More Powerful

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network, sometimes called a Content Distribution Network. This is a service that stores content such as files and images, making your site run faster and more efficiently. People who visit your site will be able to get your content delivered to them from the server that’s closest to them.…

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10 Social Media Reputation Management Tools

10 Social Media Reputation Management Tools As social media becomes ever more popular, it’s increasingly important for businesses to be aware of what people are saying about them on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others. Brand reputation monitoring has become an essential aspect of running your business. Fortunately, there are several effective social media…

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How I Became Interested in First Responder Photography

The Drive That Changed My Life: How I Became Interested in First Responder Photography During my junior year at Arizona State University, my photography professor assigned everyone in the class the task of capturing society in action. Due to this, I had my equipment with me in my car during a seemingly normal drive that…

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Arizona International Film Festival Review

My Experience at the Arizona International Film Festival The 24th annual Arizona International Film Festival took place from April 9-26, 2015. This festival, which exhibited more than 120 films from all over the world, gave a large number of independent filmmakers a receptive forum to present their work. The festival, which began in 1990, was…

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5 Important Audio Pre-Production Guidelines

5 Important Audio Pre-Production Guidelines Audio quality is one of the most crucial aspects of a film. If the sound quality is poor, people are not going to take your film seriously no matter how good it may be otherwise. Getting sound right begins before you even begin recording. If you follow these pre-production audio…

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Review of Digistor Blu-ray Products

Professional Grade Blu-ray Media Pack The Digistor External USB 3.0 Blu-ray Burner is a useful device for anyone who wants the ability to play Blu-ray movies as well as archive files, videos and photos on a Blu-Ray player. This Blu-ray burner has many helpful features that help you take advantage of Blu-ray technology. A related…

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10 Tips for Submitting to Film Festivals

10 Guidelines For Getting Your Film Accepting at Film Festivals Film festivals provide a great opportunity for independent filmmakers to showcase their work. However, getting your film accepted by popular festivals is not easy, as you have lots of competition. If you keep the following ten festival tips in mind, however, you can greatly increase…

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