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• Best Director, Best Narrative, Best Drama and Audience Chouce, ARTLightenment, 2015
• Best Student Film, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, 2015
• Best Sci-Fi Short, Phoenix Comicon Bronze Award in Drama, 2015
• Best of Craft & Audience Choice Awards, FLY Film Fest, 2015
• Best Screenplay, Arizona Community Short Film Fest, 2015
• Honorable Mention, Eureka Springs Indie Film Fest, 2015
• Platinum Award, Oregon Film Awards, 2015
• Best of Arizona, Prescott Film Festival, 2015
• Best Narrative Short, Jerome Film Festival, 2014

Fstoppers Original: Photographing First Responders (Archive)

This can be said for photographers like Matt Chesin, who takes photos of first responders. He does it, because these members of society go to help out when others are in need. When there is a fire or a crime that needs assistance, these people are the heroes.

Extreme Photographer: How to Get Hot Shots and Doesn't Get Burned

Photographer Matt Chesin specializes in such pictures. He frequently makes pictures of burning buildings for newspapers, as well as photos of the team of firefighters who saves people.

Phoenix Film Festival will cater to film makers, movie fanatics (Archive)

Chesin’s passion for the technical prompted him to find the location, put the crew together, and handle casting, sound and filming. The nine-minute short was filmed in two days with a combined pre- and post-production of five months.

Top 5 Arizona short films from Phoenix Comicon 2015 (Archive)

“Focus” had a lot of pre-production hype that I followed intently, but the premiere of “Focus” at the ASU Spring 2014 Capstone screenings left me mostly underwhelmed and disappointed. Now that this film has been accepted into just about every film festival it enters, I’ve had the opportunity to view it several more times, with several different demographics, and with an updated perspective. Seeing where “Focus” has gone since its premiere demonstrates the tenacity and popularity of this film, and a formula that works very well with moviegoers; presenting enlightenment and forgiveness fostered by supernatural elements.

'Phoenix Loves Sci-Fi' Film Event Celebrates Arizona Scenery In The Movies

One movie, “Focus,” is the story of a girl who finds a camera lens that allows her to see into the past of its previous owners.