Matt Chesin.

Multimedia Professional
- Motion Pictures & Film
- Photographer
- Digital Marketing

Naturally passionate about film-making and photography, Matt Chesin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Film & Media Production from Arizona State University. He aspires to become an expert in technology and media production, and has begun applying his energy toward his film-making goals.

Matt received awards for film-making eve n before his graduation from ASU.  Films like The Muse , Grab Ass, and Focus have been seen in multiple film festivals, with The Muse winning “Best Direction” in the 2013 Yuma Film Festival, and Focus winning “Best Narrative Short” in the 2014 Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival. As a result, Matt and his production partners have gained exposure in the local and national press. He has served as a cinematographer and camera assistant, helped ASU students on their other projects, and has displayed excellent leadership with a versatile nature.

Some of my shots


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