My Experience at CES 2019

From January 8th to 11th, people worldwide descended on Las Vegas for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show or CES for short. As an industry veteran, I was very excited to attend this year’s convention to learn about the latest innovations in technology. In this post, I’ll share with you some of my biggest takeaways from the event. 

VR and AR Technology Demos


I had the opportunity to experience a FLIR Systems VR Demo where I participated as a firefighter in a simulator. Using virtual reality, I traveled through a burning house with a FLIR Systems heat gun to look around and determine where heat sources were. It was a fully immersive VR 360 experience where I was able to move around. I was also able to crouch and make movements similar to firefighters. 

Connected Smart Home Technology

Ring CES

Some of the products I had a chance to look at were things like the Ring Door View Cam. The Door View Cam allows users to easily install it in the area of the existing peephole of their door. It can basically do all of the features of the popular Ring Door Bell Cam without the extensive wiring. This is great for apartment dwellers. There were also robots which used tiny sensors to clean residential windows and other connected devices like smart dishwashers as well as refrigerators with cameras inside to prevent waste. 

Fitness and Health Technology 

One of the coolest inventions for the health industry was the portable ultrasound machine. Instead of making lab appointments to get an ultrasound, these handheld devices connected to an iPhone and can fit into your pocket. The quality rivals standalone machines and can help doctors perform quicker patient diagnosis. 

Samsung Bot CES

Samsung rolled out their new companion bots. According to Samsung, its Bot Care is a robot capable of managing the health and life of individual users who need care. Some of its features include a sleep timer, performing daily vital checks, a medication intake tracker, and a stretching guide. It even has a fall detector. 

Samsung’s Bot Air robot automatically navigates towards contaminated air to purify the area. It’s Bot Retail product assists in various retail environments with features like order taking, payment processing, and even food delivery. 

8K TV and Projection Technology

CES "The Wall" 8K

No CES would be complete without advancements in the area of television. Some of the innovations I really like are the LG roll-up OLED TVs. In addition to a great viewing experience, when not in use, the screen rolls down into the base and essentially looks like a piece of furniture. 


Samsung also revealed, “The Wall” which is an 8K TV 219-inch television built with MicroLED technology. It has four times the linear resolution of full HD and will be available in a 75-inch version or users can buy several smaller screens to make one large screen. 

Looking Forward to the Future

Canon Booth at CES
Canon Booth at CES

I’m honestly looking forward to seeing some of these products in the marketplace. While it’s great to see innovative technology, truthfully, some products, no matter how great, may never make it to consumers. Having observed this technology especially in multimedia solutions will help me improve the quality of my craft and bring new ideas and concepts to clients.